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Segobriga is a Roman city since the 2nd century BC, settled over a previous Celtiberian settlement, in the Cerro de la Cabeza de Griego, next to the current town of Saelices in Cuenca (Spain).
The mining of Lapis specularis (crystallized gypsum that served as window glass) and the agricultural exploitation of its countryside, were the main drivers for its growing, becoming a road network node and an administrative center which, despite its relatively small size, shows the most significant buildings of the Roman architecture: theater, amphitheater, forum, large public baths, basilica, temples and even a large circus that never was completed. Despite the displacement of the lapis specularis by the new glass, Segobriga maintained a relevant role until the fourth century, beginning after a slow down, which led to its abandonment when started the Islamic conquest.

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